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I’ve missed you so much.

You say, as warmly as one could muster, holding me close in the middle of a supermarket. I live for that squeeze you do.
Sometimes, I wish I could be with you. But it’s a little bit weird. You’re not what I want at all, and you don’t look out for me like I’d expect you to. Your hugs are so warm and lovely, and every so often I want them to last forever. But I suppose I’ve never communicated that.

I’m thinking of you.

You say, as warmly as one can type, and immediately I’m happy. Thanks for making my morning.
Sometimes, I feel that familiar green feeling with you. Especially when I remember we’re both promised to the traditional dream. Or if not me, you entirely. I love you a lot, and it’s been a strange relationship we’ve enjoyed together – one I wouldn’t trade for the world. But I suppose I haven’t really communicated that.

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It all fell into place today,
Information withheld came to the forefront.
Sure, it caused me to wince,
But it’s so much better this way.
He became my friend today,
Not being afraid to make my own family.
She smiled and told me to come on Monday,
And it’s so much better this way.
I’m not scared about him today,
We’ve both got backstories now, the wolf and I.
I can see our mirai stretching out,
Because it’s so much better this way.
I’m ready to love, and I’m ready to live,
Free from the chains that bound me,
Although it takes some acceptance,
It’s just so much better this way.
And I’m glad.
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Call me Virginia.
Devoting myself to 8tracks, staring lustfully at epic prose,
Your spear is the one that I want the most,
With all of these heroes, the snakes and the flame,
That smile of yours is the thing that I blame.
You're in a band, and my god can you sing,
Christmastime dreaming has never been my thing,
I'm raising my vocal chords to join you in song,
Refusing to tell me your age, but we both know that it's wrong.
I'm going to be the one that you take out for juice,
Like the cutie in most ways, I'll be the one that you choose,
Because I have your picture, and I keep it on screen,
We fell in love, high regard, because I'm overly keen.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 1 2
Define Divine.
Though waiting is divine, I can't help but feel...
all my negative projections coming back to bite me as I hit the refresh button one more time.
We parted with a closeness, and fond words of 'keep in touch'...
but are you the man the warden warned me about?
The man who doesn't do feelings, who doesn't step outside the lines.
You of all people should admit the move I made was brave, even thought I twisted it into a fallacy about prophecy and little birds.

You of all people, of all the people to me, deserve the time...
but as of now I'm still anxiously awaiting your reply.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 1 4
Although you make the most of it, I can’t help but wonder,
Is the reason you shy away, the reason that you stayed in the first place?
It’s okay for you to talk, but does the thrill when I say it make it so bad?
I can help but muse as the letters increase.
I’ve heard a million lines about a million hearts, but you can’t stand to listen,
I want to scream it out loud, and Lord knows I want to tell you,
It’s my happiness too, can’t you be proud of me?
So I’ll sit here and write instead.
You’re happy to debate the feelings we felt inside, but I can’t get a line when it comes to my current muse,
Making me question this small question, though I know it’s a lot,
I wonder if you feel the way I did when you told me the first time,
Does this sound finished to you?
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 2 0
They say, that we're not meant to be,
But I see the curve of your spine and the jut of your hip.
I've been told that you're seeing another,
But the way you're angled and the look in those eyes tells me otherwise.
I don't know if you're doing it, and I hope I'm doing it right,
Why do I never remember to smile at you?
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 0 0
Baking Soda and Vinegar.
Do you love me? Like me?
When I see your eyes I can't help but wonder.
We maintain gazes from across the room and sometimes I'm sure it's not me.
I love the eyes that you were bestowed with – they're blue, and I've never loved blue but reluctantly.
I'm starting to think I have something ingrained within me about that colour...calming, relaxing. Exciting.
Your eyes are a lot older than mine, and the body in which you live is lightyears ahead of mine.
I wonder if we would look pretty lying together in the dark.
When we talk it's always a discussion.
You open up your question when I face you and today she gave me a look when we discussed the horrible crimes that people would commit thousands of years ago.
You told me I looked horrified – I don't think I did, but you often pick a feeling for me to have so that you can pick up on it – and I replied that what they did was indeed, horrifying.
It was such a silly little thing but you then went to, while looking me in the e
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 1 0
I'm sitting here a bunch of nervous energy, all pent up for you. I pace the corridors of my mind as I'm sat at a computer screen trying to procure an essay for you. I'm using your books, your favourite period of history, listening to music that I wish could bring me closer to you. I was like this last night too, burning with the thought of you and slipping you into every conversation I had with anyone I could. I was texting my best friend who was out at a club, trying to both reassure her and not bore her with the ever domineering theme of you. I call you bae around her now, because it's shorter and less imposing than your full name.
I remember when I wrote you a letter and I called you Steven and you read it aloud, calling it awesome and praising my satire, the satire that was really just an attempt to get into your heart. You still had the letter a few months ago. Do you still have it? I wonder, wistfully wishing that you have it in your house – a little part of me within yo
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 1 0
Love Is.
Those immortal words, that mean so much.
I think I feel love when I look at you
- it's what I keep saying to myself when I walk away from you and I smile and I try to understand what I feel.
It's sort of dying down but it's also growing and I find myself flustered at the silliest of times.
Your eyes are possibly the nicest I've ever seen and I love your stubble and your crooked teeth.
I love that you can't quite master grammar and I love that you fumble when you type and say pretty words even though they're purely academic.
I admire your form and though I know that I'm hiding another want I try not to care because you are a different person.
Make me feel silly and bubbly and you paint yellow as a good colour, like lemonade in the summer.
I want to have your children, and if you already have some I want them too.
I brood for you, I breathe for you and I look for you in a crowd.
I just want you so bad and I finally feel like maybe my wanting is paying off.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 2 0
A Modern Day Dido.
A modern day Dido, sits and counts her sighs,
Looking up whenever she hears footsteps, thinking on his eyes.
A modern day Aeneas, has wondered far from home,
Dido sits here wishing, with her could he found Rome?
She wonders if he’s with Lavinia, the girl supposed to be,
She thinks that she’d be just as good, but Venus doesn’t agree.
Dido, always burning, looking wistfully at his shield,
She asks him pushing questions, hoping that he’ll yield.
She wants to know him all, his life, his likes, his heart,
Is supplication enough? Are they fated to stay apart?
Carthage could go up in flames, what could modern Dido care?
What a man! What a warrior! Could more come from this affair?
Just like in the first, Dido broods and breaks and prays,
She thinks that children won’t be so bad, wonders what he says.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 0 0
A Cuddle For Charlie
I know we’ve only met though digital lines and LCD windows,
but if I was to be with you,
I hope I’d be satisfactory.
I imagine that your reaction to me would be anything but discouraging,
the boy with the biggest heart I’ve ever known,
and the prettiest eyes that take in beauty when none is apparent.
You’d probably hug me the moment we got close enough - I know that’s what I would do.
We’d rock, and smile,
and I’m sure that someone will pull away with a damp shoulder.
That would only make me want to hold you more,
closer, so we could feel a little longer.
Together in a bubble of bliss, years in the making.
…I wonder what you would wear.
- I know I’d try, but it would end up being jeans, jacket and some silly shirt.
I hope you don’t mind that.
(And yes, I’ll bring you jaffa cakes)
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 2 0
Oliver's Archives: Juno Rip-Off
             I play bass,
             And you play cello.
             You talk sweet,
             And I stay mellow.
  Something telling me, that we could be mine.
             If you can live with the fact,
             that I'm only in your mind,
             And try as you might,
             you'll always be behind.
       Then I think, it could work out fine.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 1 6
Sophisticated Song.
You call me out on writing,
You tell me that it's small,
Threaten anyone who insults it,
Yet I can't speak at all.
You joke with me conversely,
You make me laugh and smile,
But when it's us directly,
I'm speechless for a while.
I'm suave and I am clever,
Confident, witty too.
But the times when sophistication leaves me,
Are the times that I'm with you.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 7 0
Brand New Boy.
I’ve been following Shakespeare of late,
Not his works but the subject, the women that seem to vary so wildly.
And the men.
I think it is time that I had a go,
That I converted my current manner, and let everyone see.
The stubble on your chin makes me weak.
Maybe I could write it gently,
As to break you all in, to let you glimpse at my situation.
Stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Or else I could write something new,
Change perspective and not give it entirely away.
Have your hips always been that narrow?
Or yet I could start again,
I could once more create an alter-alter, that feels this way.
The Odyssian appeal.
I think that what I’ll do is this,
Give it all away through oh-so unsubtle hints of my wandering eye.
Steven, darling, I think I love you.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 2 0
For the man in the library at 11:50am.
First there was a look,
And now all I can do is smell you.
I wonder what you’re doing here.
You’re handsome for one of them,
But I think you could be dangerous.
I’m sure you’re doing work here.
Is that a hint of rough around the edges?
No, don’t take off your coat, we’re not comfortable here.
Clicking indicates you’re probably busy.
Back to smells, and I’m sorry for it,
But you smell so much like I boy I knew, it takes me back to when I liked him.
He took drugs.
Touching your lips now,
As you look for something unforeseen.
I’m feeling a little guilty for writing this.
I’m going to end it,
But rest assured if you come into my life there will be more, man at the library computers,
Though I’m sure nothing will come of it.
- What is your life like?
I will now spend the entirety of my time consumed by this.
I hope you feel guilty.
Oh, you smell like him now,
Please don’t remind me, you make me uneasy.
I wonder what you&
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 2 0
Amusement in the small things.
Go on,
Laugh, laugh,
Laugh at my misfortunes,
Laugh at my demeanour,
Laugh at me.
Go on,
Laugh, laugh,
Put your hand upon me,
Then say all the sweet things,
I know you like me dearly.
Come on,
Laugh, laugh,
Laugh it up with me now,
Give me grades, show me how,
Laugh with me.
Please, please,
Laugh, laugh,
You laugh at me so fondly,
I think that we are bonding,
I want to see.
So yes,
Laugh, laugh,
Because I like you Helen,
Because I think you’re swell and,
You laugh with me.
:iconuselessromantic:UselessRomantic 1 0


Hello. My name isn't really Oliver, but I have an extreme fondness for that name and so I wish to go by it on my little corner of the site. I like to write poetry - and as my name suggests it's usually about love because I fall for people at a considerably consistent rate with varying intensity - stories of different length and occasionally I just post random musings.
Hoping you're happy and suitably comfortable wherever you are....
That's got to be some kind of milestone, right? Wow.

And I wasted it on some very silly little scrap of poetry! Haha, fitting.

Here's to four more years and a hundred more deviations!


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